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Air conditioning in the workplace, restaurants, shops etc means employees and customers can feel the benefits of maintaining a comfortable environment. In addition to heating and cooling systems we will also provide heat recovery ventilation systems where appropriate. Research shows that working in an environment that is too hot make your performance and well being drop, and the heat recovery systems help to re- oxygenate the space that we work in.

With flexible temperature control and improved installation, air conditioning brings comfort and convenience to all types of premises. Please Contact Us for more information.

Horizon Air Conditioning was primarily set up 20 years ago to specialize in bringing energy efficient air conditioning solutions to retail premises.

This has now been expanded into the commercial/office field and all of the units installed come with an energy rated either A or B so these system qualify for the government’s Capital Allowances Scheme where the total cost of the air conditioning and ventilation instillation can be off set against the end users taxable profits within the year of instillation.

For further details on this scheme please visit www.eca.gov.uk

Here at Horizon Air Conditioning we have combined over 100 years of experience in the air conditioning and ventilation trade, and we are fully conversant in regulations and requirements of the latest building regulations for office and retail premises

Please call us on 01384 893139 for more information or send an email with your details to either:

steve@horizanac.co.uk or tony@horizonac.co.uk

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